Why do I need to use a formally established House Cleaning Service Company rather than hiring an independent house cleaner? 

Aside from the convenience, professionalism, quality of service, peace of mind, reasonable rates and all applicable insurance and bonding... having been in the Maid & Cleaning Service for a while, we have found that a lot of people asking us the same question....

"Why do I need a formally established Maid Service Company? What's the difference if I hire a independent house cleaner or an individual who runs their own "cleaning company"?

We have been in this business over 30 years and we have seen a lot over the years. Although the following examples are fictitious they are by no means an exageration of what we have seen occur over the years in this business. If you hire an independent then BEWARE, you are entering SHARK INFESTED waters. These examples are some of the best reasons for the existance of a legitimately established Maid Service, such as Mountain Maids and Colorado Springs House Cleaning, and why hiring such a service is an important decision. You receive high "value" in the form of protection against potential legal liabilities, theft, and physical or mental abuse. These all add up to "peace of mind" for you.

Case 1: "The Great Deal"

Ms. Trust Everybody had found a great maid "Rosa". Mrs Trust Everybody had checked Rosa's references with the other people she had been cleaning and it all looked fine. Rosa had worked for her sisters neighbor for a few years and she had no reason to question her honesty. Ms Trust Everybody thought she was very lucky because she believed she had found such a great deal. Rosa came in twice a week to clean her apartment for $60. Ms Trust Everybody felt so comfortable with Rosa that she gave her a key to her house so that she could come in on the agreed day and clean. Some time passed by when Ms. Trust Everybody came back home to find her valuables gone. She called the police. Rosa had gone back to her country. To make matters worst the tenants had a meeting and decided that Ms. Trust Everybody had jeopardized the whole building by letting a thief in. They were acting to get her evicted. When she tried to fight this, they further found out that "Rosa" was not even legal in the U.S. Ms. Trust Everybody was reported to the INS and paid thousands of dollars in fines. In sum, she almost lost her apartment, she lost her things and paid a huge and embarrassing fine...did she "really" get a great deal?

Sound far fetched? Here are a few real life examples of  theft by "independent" house cleaners. Note, in both these cases these individuals did NOT work for an established and legitimate company. They worked for themselves as "independent" house cleaners.                                                                                                                                       Theft by Maid - Example 1 - Click Here   ...  Theft by Maid - Example 2 - Click Here

Also do a  Google Search of "Theft By Maid" and you will be surprised what shows up.

Case 2: "Safety comes first"

Mr.& Mrs. Sue For-Cash knew about the penalties for hiring an illegal maid, so they hired  "Josie" a person that  was a permanent resident and was legally able to work in the USA. They really did not want to hire a person through a "maid service" because they felt like they could save a lot of money by hiring an "independent".  They felt safe hiring "Josie" because they checked her out with other people she worked for and thought that this was good enough. What they did not do is take out a workers compensation insurance policy on this maid as is required by law for all employers, because they did not even think about it. However ignorance of the law is no excuse. One day when "Josie" tripped over her own mop and fell down the stairs and broke her leg and a few ribs they thought it was not too big of a deal and though that she would just go take care of herself and be back to work within a few weeks. They suddenly realised that they were in big trouble when one day a person showed up on their doorstep and handed them a wad of papers. The Sue Forcash family suddenly found out that "Josie's" very aggressive attorney was suing them for "a lot of cash" because it happened in "their" home and because they did not carry a workers comp insurance policy on  "Josie" their employee. After hiring their own attorney and much negotiations, they settled out of court for $50,000, to cover six months of lost wages while she "recovered" and for pain and suffering and her attorney fees. "They sure did save a lot of money using an independent rather than a formally established cleaning company."  Oh, and by the way, don't be fooled into believing that if you are paying an independent cleaner under their trade name such as "Rosa's Cleaning Company" or "Josie's Maid Service" you are excused from following the legal requirements .. you are not! If they personally are performing the work you can bet your last dollar that they are NOT carrying their own workers compensation insurance. If  they are a legitimate cleaning company they will have no problem providing you with a VERIFIABLE certificate of insurance for workers compensation insurance (Note: Make sure you CHECK that the certificate is for Workers Compensation Insurance .. there are a LOT of insurance products out there .. if you don't check they may just show you a certificate that covers liability only .. that is not good enough ... that will NOT cover you if they are injured in your home!!)

Case 3: "No one to watch over her"

Ms. Nice had a precious cat called "Terry"; her "Freelance Maid" would fling the cat into the bath tub furiously and lock the shower doors to be able to do her work uninterrupted. This uncaring and unprofessional Maid left some detergents spilled somewhere. The cat somehow ingested some and became ill. When Ms. Nice rushed to the Vet to find out what was wrong, her Vet noticed traces of Mental and Physical Abuse. They later found tiny little scratches on the inside of the tub.

Case 4: "You never really know till it's late"

Betty was a genuinely nice person. She was hardworking, honest and led a simple life, but being so preoccupied with bringing home enough money to feed her family, she tended to neglect her own health. She had Tuberculosis to a "bearable" degree but really had to keep on working because she needed the money! She would often be sick in customers homes, but she was lucky .. nobody was home so she could just pull herself together and carry on. She would cough and hack in her customers homes but she managed to stick it out. She could not afford the treatment she needed for her Tuberculosis at the moment so she would have to just hang in there until she had a bit more money. When she was younger she had experimented with recreational drugs and was told she had Hepatitis C but she could not afford treatment and she believes "it went away by itself " so she is sure this will "go away buy itself" too. Two of her customers became mysteriously ill with some thing similar to what she has / had, but she is sure that it has nothing to do with her. Her customers don't know how it happened, but recently when they became aware of Betty's problems they were suspicious. They did not want to hurt her feelings so they said nothing. They have now recovered but have decided to hire a responsible Maid Service that won't allow a sick Maid to go to work. They feel a lot safer now knowing that even if they are not home the company will not allow a sick person in their home. They occasionally get calls from people asking for a reference for Betty and they say nice things about her because the feel sorry for her .. she does need the money and perhaps their illness was a coincidence? Even though they don't use her any longer they don't want to be the ones to put her out of business so they will keep saying nice things about her even though they plan to never use her again themselves.

Case 5: "Leave your tax worries to us"

Ms. Clever hired a Maid "Off the books" and paid her under the table ... but eventually the IRS caught up to her. She didn't know that anyone who hires anyone, paying a certain minimum per year has to be responsible for filing their taxes, matching the Social Security / FICA taxes and have Worker's Compensation. Take a look at what the IRS has to say about this topic: https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc756.html

Case 6: "Taking the 'easy' road"

Mr. Slyer used a safe and professional Maid Service. His Regular Maid was "Jackie". One day Mr. Slyer thought: " I know she's safe....the Maid Company already checked her out & trained her...so....why keep going through the company? He made a private proposal and Jackie accepted. Since it is human nature to get a little spoiled without proper supervision or a serious entity to respond to, Jackie did less and less in Mr Slyer's home but still expected to get paid the same amount.. When Mr. Slyer complained to Jackie and threatened to fire her if things did not improve, Jackie went home and cried. Jackie's brother felt that she had been treated unfairly and grew angry at Mr. Slyer. He called Mr Slyer and had a heated argument with him and threaten him with bodily harm for insulting his sister. The next day Mr Slyer awoke to find the tires of his car had been slashed and one of his car windows had been smashed. He was sure it was Jackie's brother and he called the Police, but he hesitated to take it any further in case Jackie's brother took it further. Eventually he took out a restraining order after he decided to let Jackie go and Jackie's brother showed up at Mr. Slyer doorstep and threatened him. He learned the hard way that if he had worked with a reputable and responsible Maid Service he would not have had to go through all of that. If he had had a concern a single phone call to the company would have resolved the problem.

Why not avoid all of these problems by hiring a reputable House Cleaning / Maid Service.

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